Our mission: to automate every step of drone operation for large scale deployments.

The drone industry still depends on skilled pilots. Having human operators limits the scalability of UAV missions. SwarmX is here to fix that.


End to end solution. Fully automated.

Our solution consists of hardware of software
that pushes the boundaries of UAV engineering.


Autonomous drone docking station for scheduled and on-demand missions. Visit Hive page


One stop shop for managing Hives across geographical regions. Visit HiveMind page


Derive actionable insights from drone imagery in real time. Visit Cogs page


Maintenance flags are triggered with automated flight log processing. Visit Airlog page

Go fully autonomous with SwarmX

By establishing a close partnership with users and providing engineering support from the rear, SwarmX delivers a solution for customers that is constantly improving, constantly incorporating user feedback, and constantly adapting to meet future needs and solve new problems.

Working with SwarmX
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